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We take you where you want to go!

Depending on your interests, hobbies or your profession and depending on the season, we can suggest a programme which may include any of the following:
• Castles and gardens.
• Whisky distilleries.
• Archaeological and historic sites (as a member of the STGA, Christa can guide inside most sites).
• Wildlife watching.
• Modern architecture.
• Scottish fayre (food and drink) - we both like our food, Gordon is a former chef - and we know where to take you.

Or something different?
Visit a farm, see sheepdogs at work, drive to THE scenic spot for THAT particular photograph, take a steam-train for a change, visit Highland Games, go for a walk and relax afterwards in an old fashioned teahouse or typical pub.


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Having a driver AND a guide has tremendous advantages:

• Gordon is putting his concentration into the traffic while Christa can concentrate on you.
• For example on city tours: you can always hop off with Christa for a short walk or a visit while Gordon parks the vehicle.
• Or for walks/hikes in the countryside: you can go on a walk with Christa and do not have to return to the same spot - Gordon will wait with the vehicle at a pre-arranged place.
• Not everyone in your party may always have the same interests: two of you would prefer to go for a hike while the others want to visit a museum OR one of you may want to visit yet another distillery while the others would prefer to go fishing / shopping / having a coffee.

What are your wishes? What are your dreams?
Together we can make them happen.

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